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Your business communications need to perform and that starts with investing in robust, scalable IP telephony that best supports your business needs. Any lack of continuity when it comes to communication with your customers, employees or suppliers, can have an immediate impact on your performance. We are digital telephony experts. With over 30 years’ experience of supporting a wide-range of businesses, we understand how digital technology works and how it can deliver real business benefits.

Cloud-based VoIP is the future of business telephony

Our digital platforms are an ideal fit for any size of company or organisation that wants a single managed approach to their digital telecoms whilst providing maximum mobility and business continuity. A cloud-based VoIP takes the responsibility for managing and maintaining your telephony system out of your IT department’s hands. This can potentially free up time and working hours, enabling staff to focus on other key tasks.

Not having your VoIP system on your server means that we can take full responsibility and control of your IP phone system. You can trust us to do everything possible to ensure your business communications run at a high level, so it’s business as usual all the time.

We work alongside the industry’s leading telecommunications providers, like BT, and Virgin Media, to provide customers with the best choice and quality in IP business telephony. From feature-rich telephones, to unified communications and the best mobile contracts and hardware, Digital Telecom is dedicated to finding a telephony solution that delivers.

The Benefits of a Cloud Solution

Cloud Solutions deliver a seamless communications experience for both employees and customers. Benefit from a series of intelligent features like: video calls, faxing, improved privacy protection, instant messaging, call recording, reporting, enhanced mobile working and more.
By entering into a fully hosted Cloud-based PBX telephony agreement with Digital Telecom, you will secure super fast and efficient business communications 24/7.
Commission us to manage and maintain your telephony services, and you’ll have plenty of time on your hands for other things.
And don't forget, just as long you have an internet connection you can change any of your settings at ease.

Easy Installation & Management

Are you looking to replace your outdated PBX?

With 3CX there is no need to worry about management and installation.

Installation & Configuration is straightforward with 3CX using one of our many world-wide Cloud Based Data Centres.

• Software based: Easy to install & manage

• Inexpensive to buy and expand

• Easily add and remove Extensions with no extra costs

• Virtualize or run in the cloud (Windows / Linux)

• Slash your phone bill with SIP Trunks & Mobile Clients

• Integrated WebRTC based Video Conferencing

• Increase mobility with Intergrated Mobile Clients

• Better customer service with advanced call queues

• Integrate with CRM & Accounting software

• Standards based - use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks

• Click 2 Call from your website

Cloud Standard Phone Features


Standard PBX Features
(Handset Dependant)

The Standard PBX Features are all bundled with a phone extension.
Voicemail connect to mailbox and voicemail signal lamp, transfer calls, do not disturb, three way conferencing, headset, call received, missed and dialed

Incoming Call Rules

Improve privacy protection, automate tasks, and enhance user productivity. You can alter incoming calls according to the CallerID, the time of call, and rules that trigger a set of predefined actions, such as call hang-up or transfer to specific phone numbers.

Call Recording

Provides both automated and event-driven recordings. Events can be triggered by dialling a code during the phone conversation. On highly regulated environments, call recordings can be started unconditionally.

Call Reporting

See your inbound and outbound stats, from each extension or the whole company. Check the time it takes to answer calls, how many have been abandoned, answered etc.

Mobile Working

Have mobile workers or home workers on the internal phone system with either a Laptop/PC software phone or an application on their mobiles. Thereby giving no indication to customers that they
are out of the office.


Take full advantage of Unified Communications. When voice is simply not enough, your customers can make video calls, and web conferencing using a
softphone on their PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Fax is available with full T.38 support, pass-through, and endpoint. This feature allows you to send and receive error-free faxes over IP, even on poor quality connections. The fax server has also fax-to-email functionality, as well as email-to-fax.

FollowMe Function

Never miss a call, regardless of your location! When a caller dials your number, your mobile, your home line and office phone will all ring at the same time. The call will be put through the line that answers first, insuring that you can be easily reached, even when out of office.


This feature allows users to monitor the status of their coworkers, as
indicated by their phone devices. Presence is the first thing to check
before calling or transferring any calls to your colleague.

Download 3CX Clients on your Android / iOS Device


Download 3CX Clients on your Android / iOS Device

● Use your extension from anywhere

● Free VoIP calls with your smartphone

● Save battery life with “PUSH” notifications

● Connect all clients simultaneously via SIP Forking

● Most Progressive Android & iOS VoIP clients in the UC market

● Benefit from integrated features such as, Presence, web conferencing, conference calling

3CX Web Client


● Initiate IP Phone calls from your desktop with CTI mode

● Work remotely from anywhere

● Easily view the presence of your colleagues

● Use the Receptionist view to administer calls, then drag and drop calls for a swift call transfer

● Launch calls directly from your CRM; integrate seamlessly with Office 365, Google contacts or Internal Phonebook

● Automatically obtain reports on customer and agent activities

● Includes Wallboard and Q-Manager view

● Multifunctional Web Client with inclusive multiple features

● Integrated WebRTC technology resulting in reduced bandwidth usage

● Click to Call Chrome Extension

3CX Integrated Video Conferencing

3CX Vidoe_Conf.

● Free for up to 5 participants

● Unlimited users regardless of edition

● Initiate a conference with one single click

● Correlated operability between VoIP and video

● Bandwidth Management and Control

● Remote control assistance for quick & easy troubleshooting

● Pre-upload PowerPoint & PDFs before meetings

● Easy to use polling tool for feedback

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Our Range of Products

We provide a vast range of high performance hardware and system products, all designed to help your business cope with the growing pressures and demands of working and communicating in a 24/7 world.

Our most popular products are from leading brands such as Cisco, Yealink, Fanvil, Snom, TP-Link, Technicolor and Draytek.

If you would like to download our brochure to view just a few of the vast range of Hosted Products we supply,
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